Southern Style Blackeyed Peas

You can find this recipe on the back of the 16 oz. H-E-B Quality Blackeyed Peas package.

2 cups H-E-B Blackeyed Peas

1 onion minced

6 slices bacon, diced

1 tsp. salt; pepper to taste

1 tsp. dry mustard

1/4 cup preserved ginger, chopped*

3/4 cup honey

Rinse and sort peas to remove any foreign material from this raw agricultural product.  Soak peas according to quick soak method.  Saute onion with bacon until onion is golden brown and bacon is crisp.  Mix with the peas, add salt, mustard, ginger and pepper to taste.  Place in deep casserole, pour in honey, and cover.  Bake 1 1/2 hours at 350 degrees F.  Last 1/2 hour uncover to brown.

*I don’t make it this complicated.  I throw all the ingredients (except for the honey) into my crockpot and leave it alone all day on low.  I usually sprinkle ground ginger over everything instead of using preserved ginger.  The secret is the honey!  I pour it in just a little while before serving.  Serve these with cornbread!!!


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