Sacred Heart Diet Soup Recipe and Daily Plan

Sacred Heart Diet Soup Recipe and Daily Plan

1 or 2 cans of stewed tomatoes  (I use 1-28 oz. can of diced tomatoes, or home canned equivalent)

3 plus large green onions  (I use one bunch!)

1 large can of beef broth  (I use one large box of chicken broth, or homemade equivalent instead!)

1 pkg. Lipton Soup chicken noodle mix  (NO SUBSTITUTE!)

1 bunch of celery

2 cans green beans  (I use 4 small zucchini, or bag of frozen zuc instead!)

2 lbs. carrots

2 green peppers  (I use whatever color peppers I have on hand!)

Wash and chop fresh veggies.  Add all to large pot.  Add water to cover veggies.  Cook and eat!

Sacred Heart Diet

Day 1 – any fruit (no bananas) & soup

Day 2 – all veggies, baked potato with butter for dinner, soup

Day 3 –  soup, fruits/veggies, no potato

Day 4 –  bananas, skim milk, soup

Day 5 –  beef (10-20 oz.), tomatoes, soup

Day 6 –  beef (or chicken), soup, salad

Day 7 –  brown rice, unsweetened juice, soup


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